CNG and Commercial Shipping

Andalusian Energy will launch service with two new custom-built ships making semiweekly calls in both Puerto Cortes, Honduras and Louisiana’s Port of Plaquemines on the Mississippi River. While one ship is discharging in Puerto Cortes, its sister vessel will be loading in the Port of Plaquemines. 

Each Andalusian ship is specially designed to accommodate more than 1,000 FEUs and is outfitted with hundreds of refrigerated container plugs and reinforced stacking weights. Both vessels are equipped with powerful ventilation systems designed to rapidly exchange below-deck atmospheres to enhance safe and reliable operations. 

Unique to Andalusian’s vessel operating strategy is the carriage of third-party commercial cargo, initially targeted to support the activities of Central American textile manufacturers and attendant industries. Because its ships are fueled by low-cost compressed natural gas, Andalusian’s vessel operating costs create an undeniable pricing advantage that enables competitive shipping rates and high frequency of service (twice weekly). Low costs and high frequency translate into unrivaled shipping advantages.